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Upgrade CS OTE

We would like to inform market pariticipants that WIN XP, Service Pack 3, Internet Explorer 7 is required for testing in the test environment and for production system CS OTE (power and gas) which will be launched on 1st January,2010. The reason is, that the certificate authority of I.CA is going to use sha2 algorithm in its certificates from 1st January, 2010.


More information about project Gas you can find at page The participants - Registration procedure Gas

Upgrade CS OTE

Please, let us Registration procedure remind you that we are going to launch some changes in the OTE’s IT system on the 1st of January 2010.

The detailed information regarding Documentation for technological upgrade can be found at webpage: http://www.ote-cr.cz/ote-a-s-information

We also prepared a parallel run of the current and upgraded system from the half of November 2009.

Please watch attentively the news section for more information at our web site:

If you have any question, please, don´t hesitate to contact us on mail spot-markets@ote-cr.cz

DescriptionDate Reference
D1.4.4 Automatic Communication17.6.2010 D1.4.4 Automatic Communication
(DOC 520KB)
D1.4.2 XML message formats valid from 28.5.201017.5.2010 D1.4.2 XML formats
(DOC 1,57MB)
D1.4.2 XSD Forms valid from 28.5.201017.5.2010 D1.4.2 XSD Forms
WSDL forms for electricity valid from 28.5.201017.5.2010 WSDL electricity
Automatic communication (SOAP) - Form for electricity and gas24.3.2009 SOAP Form - Czech only (DOC 72 KB)
Automatic communication (SOAP) - Form for TEST environment24.3.2009 TEST SOAP Form - Czech only (DOC 70 KB)
OTECA certificate used for outgoing data from OTE that are signed by BinarySecurityToken in case of WS-Security. It is used for secured web services and for S/MIME messages18.12.2009 CS OTE (1KB)
OTECA certificate that is used for crypting S/MIME messages sent to address 18.12.2009 CS OTE smime (1KB)
Qualified root certificate from I.CA for electronical mark of PDF and XMF invoices18.12.2009 System (1KB)
D1.4.3 Web services7.12.2009 D1.4.3 Web services
(DOC 62KB)
Information regarding data migration from 31th December, 2009 to 1st January, 2010 for electricity1.12.2009

Migration information - electricity (ZIP 70KB)

The user manual Registration of realization diagram was added27.11.2009 current version czech only
19.10.2009 english version

New version czech only (PDF 1,74MB),

Manual (PDF 1,55MB)

IE settings for files export26.11.2009 IE settings (DOC 140 KB)
Information to I.CA’s certificates for „IS OTE“ access22.11.2009 I.CA's certificates information (DOC 261 KB)
Certificate for encryption e-mail communication in DER format16.11.2009 CDS TEST email (1KB)
Cliental certificate for automatic communication (designated for gignature, possibly authentication)12.11.2009CDS TEST (1KB)
Server SSL certificate for automatic communication (cryptography SSL communication)12.11.2009CDS SSL (1KB)
The OTECATEST authority certificate (testing authority for paralel run and for sandbox)12.11.2009OTECATEST (1KB)
Presentation from workshop upgrade CS OTE12.11.2009 Presentation (ZIP 6,23MKB)
Time schedule of parallel run12.11.2009 Time Schedule
(DOC 79KB)

Manual for external users CDS after upgrade CS OTE - it will be continuously update during implementation (version towards 9.11.2009)
Password to open ZIP file upon request here

9.11.2009 Manual
(ZIP 2,56MB)
D1.4.1 EDI message forms4.11.2009 D1.4.1 EDI formats
(DOC 155KB)
D1.4.2 ETSO Forms4.11.2009 D1.4.2 ETSO Forms
(DOC 37KB)
Information of the SMTP test communication settings for parallel run (Using S/MIME messages)29.10.2009 SMTP communication
(DOC 38KB)
The most recent version of document Registration procedure for testing certificates26.10.2009 Registration Procedure (DOC 470KB)
The OTECATEST authority certificate (for parallel testing and sandbox)22.10.2009 OTECATEST (1KB)
XML Definition19.10.2009 XML Definition(84KB)
Seminar regarding the planned changes in the OTE's IT system07.10.2009 Seminar
(DOC 77KB)
Documentation for technological upgrade (used message formats)02.10.2009