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Important information

The EZP system is accessible to users from 24 October 2013.

Pursuant to the Act No. 165/2012 Coll. on subsidized energy sources (§44 and §45), the market operator issues Guarantees of Origin of electricity from renewable energy sources and from high-efficiency combined heat and power generation based on producer´s request.

The Decree No. 403/2015 Coll. of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic on Guarantees of Origin sets the circumstances for issuing and accepting the Guarantees of Origin.

In relation to the above mentioned legal documents, the market operator launched the Registry of Guarantees of Origin (so called EZP) which is an information system fully integrated to CS OTE Portal. Guarantees of Origin are registered in the EZP system in respective accounts during the whole life cycle (i.e. from the issuance to the cancellation). 


Guarantees of Origin (GOs) are issued:

  • for an amount of electricity delivered to the grid (1 GO – 1 MWh of delivered electricity);
  • for the minimum amount of 1 MWh and for the period of electricity production of 1 calendar month or 1 calendar year;
  • with the validity of 1 year from the end date of period of electricity production for which the GOs are issued. The GOs are automatically withdrawn after this deadline.

Guarantees of Origin may be transferred between accounts within the Czech Republic or Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) member countries. Account Holder of the acquiring account is obliged to approve this transaction within a period of 30 calendar days. If this incoming transaction is not approved, the Guarantees of Origin are not transferred and remain at the transferring account.

The prices charged by the market operator associated with the Registry of Guarantees of Origin are determined by the Price Decision of the Energy Regulatory Office No. 2/2019 of 30 September 2019 and can be found here (paragraphs 2.2 to 2.5, in Czech only).
The Price Decision of the Energy Regulatory Office No. 5/2020 of 29 September 2020 is applicable as of 1 January 2021 and can be found here.

For clear prove of the delivery of the electricity produced from renewable energy sources and/or from HE-CHP the cancellation of GOs to the final consumer or group of consumers is necessary.


Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB)

The Registry of Guarantees of Origin (EZP) is connected to the international system of the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB, from the 21st of December 2016. This connection allows EZP account holders to perform international transactions (imports and exports) with other countries, which are also members of the AIB. 


Documentation Documents for download
Terms and Conditions EZP Terms and Conditions EZP 2016.pdf
The Domain Protocol of the Czech Republic (for GOs of electricity produced from renewable sources) Domain Protocol for GOs from RES.pdf
The Domain Protocol for Guarantees of Origin of Electricity from High-efficiency Combined Heat and Power Generation (in Czech only) - valid from 1.1.2016 Domain Protocol for GOs from HE-CHP.pdf (only in Czech)


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