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Network analyses

Medium-term horizon

There will be an increase in the volume of gas transported between Gaspool and CEGH in Austria. NET4GAS responds to market demands by projects identified as Capacity4Gas. The increase in transit via the Czech Republic will result in greater utilisation of capacities of both the northern and southern branches, which will, in turn, be reflected in the longer utilisation times of the compressor units. Therefore, the transmission system operator is planning the upgrade of machinery at essentially all compressor stations.

In the medium-term horizon, gas storage capacity will substantially increase as a result of connecting the Dolní Bojanovice facility to the Czech transmission system. The increase in gas demand within this period is relatively insignificant in light of the subsequent development. Accordingly, no further investment in the existing storage capacity will be required.

Investment could be redirected towards boosting the efficiency of the capacities in use and towards increasing the transmission capacity with a view to diversifying gas supplies to the Czech Republic and, to address the aforementioned situation in North Moravia, also towards improving the intrastate transmission capacity.

Long-term horizon

The utilisation of gas for the production of electricity requires an adequate development of the storage and withdrawal capacities in as much as the gas supply security will determine the security of electricity supply, which has an even less replaceable position in the country's energy sector. The development of domestic gas storage facilities is not the only way to provide the flexibility and reserve capacity necessary for the gas supply. Other options include securing storage capacities abroad and/or reliance on the short-term gas market. Both alternatives entail an increase in both energy and security dependence on foreign countries, which is rather risky in a situation where gas is routinely utilized for the generation of electricity and for the combined production of electricity and heat. In the case of realization of new units and development of gas consumption according to the Conceptual case study, the transmission system will no longer be able to safely transport gas from Northwest Bohemia to delivery points to distribution systems, primarily in the Northwest Zone and East Bohemia distribution areas and technical transfer capacities are exceeded, including the region of North Moravia. In such a case, it is necessary to ensure not only the capacity of the transfer stations to the distribution systems, but it will also be necessary to import gas through Slovakia, or to force gas extraction from UGS to the transmission system.

Figure 17.1 Use of capacities of border delivery profiles


Figure 17.2 Use of capacities of delivery profiles with distribution systems


Figure 17.3 Maximum hourly consumption of gas