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Gas for suggestions

XML message formats, XSD, WSDL templates for suggestions until 10 February 2021 and valid from 24 February 2021
XML message formats valid from 24 February 2021
A description of how hyperlinks work is described in Chapter 5 for correct functioning it is necessary to have downloaded XSD templates
D1.4.2G formats XML
XML specifications (XSD templates) valid from 24 February 2021 D1.4.2G templates XSD
WSDL templates for automatic communication WSDL templates


 Suggestions can be sent by 10 February 2021 to

Overview of changes in document D1.4.2G XML formats to comment revision V 1.63
  • Message Definition GASDAT - the following optional attributes have been added to the root element:
  • split-counter – Message order within reply
  • split-last   – Last message