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The procedure on conclusion of agreement

 1. Requirements

  • A. A valid license for the Electricity Market or proof of an international license issued by the Energy Regulatory Office;
  • B. Registered company or affiliate branch in Commercial Register of the Czech Republic.
    (If you are authorized to trade with electricity in another EU country please check the necessity of the entry into the Czech Commercial Register with the Energy Regulatory Office);
  • C. Bank account (in CZK) in a Czech bank or a branch of an international bank in the Czech Republic. The list of banks accepted by OTE, a.s. for EUR settlement of Day-ahead and Intra-day power markets you will find on the page Financial Settlement


2. Documents required for the Agreement execution

  • A. Download registration form and after filling it out, please send it to the email address:
  • B. Only for the Agreement on Settlement of Imbalances: fill out a form for the financial security amount setting - details on the link to the Risk Management. (While the registration and Agreement are being prepared financial security is secured in "Appendix No. 2 to the Agreement" according to conditions and scope of business. Mutually agreed Appendix No.2 becomes an inseparable signed part of the Agreement.)


3. Access to Central System OTE (CS OTE)

  • A. Obtain secure items for each individual which will access the OTE system.
  • B. How to obtain certificates to enter both the production and test platform of the OTE system is described on the link Access to CS OTE.


4. Agreement

  • A. OTE will prepare an original copy of the Agreement and send it in PDF format to the applicant’s e-mail address
  • B. For the execution of the agreement please send:
    • a. the signed Agreement in paper form (2 copies), or by e-mail 1 copy of the Agreement signed by the qualified electronic signature,
    • b. a copy of the appropriate license/licenses,
    • c. established direct debit for the benefit of OTE’s accounts (specified in the Agreement) - confirmed by the bank – Distributors excluded,
    • d. proof of registration for VAT in the Czech Republic or Europe if the applicant has not had an Office in the Czech Rep. (under the Act no. 235/2004 Coll. §4) – Distributors excluded.
    • e. proof of acquisition of electricity excluding tax issued by the custom office (recommended) – only for the Agreement on Settlement of Imbalances.


5. Activation in the OTE system

  • A. You will be activated in CS OTE at the latest on the 1st day of the following month after the agreement has taken effect.


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