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Financial Security

1. Parametric prices

Starting from the delivery day of Jan. 17th 2023 and lasting until further notice, parametric price for positive imbalance risk exposure evaluation is set to 5.000 CZK/MWh. 

Starting from the delivery day of November 1st 2023 and lasting until further notice, parametric price for negative imbalance risk exposure evaluation is set to 20.000 CZK/MWh (previous parametric price was set to 13.000 CZK/MWh). 

2. Bank account details for increasing financial security related to power trading

Bank account nr.: 27-5868530287/0100
IBAN: CZ37 0100 0000 2758 6853 0287

Bank: Komerční banka, a.s.
Address: VÁCLAVSKÉ NÁM. 42
114 07 PRAHA 1


3. Documents to download

4. Market Operator rate

In accordance with provision 7.5 of  OTE’s business terms for the power,  OTE’s interest rate for accruals related to the funds of the financial security (deposited) in OTE’s account is for relevant day and PRIBOR O/N rate set as:


Market operator's bank rate

Market operator's rate

≤ 0,8 % p.a.

< 0,0 % p.a.

Market operator’s bank rate for legal entities’ current accounts

≥ 0,0 % p.a.

0,0 % p.a.

> 0,8 % p.a.


PRIBOR O/N – 0,800 p.b.

PRIBOR O/N – Over-night PRIBOR rate in the market for bank deposits for relevant day published by Czech National Bank

Market operator’s bank – Komerční banka, a.s.


5. OTE risk management contacts

If you have any questions, please contact the risk management department:

Ing. Ondřej Houdek +420 234 686 403
Bc. Martin Čermák +420 234 686 409
Ing. Ondřej Záviský +420 234 686 400