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Intraday Auctions

The term Intraday Auction (IDA) refers to an implicit intraday auction carried out at the pan-European level in order to allocate available intraday transmission capacity using the mechanism of market coupling between different bidding zones. For each day of delivery concerned, three auctions shall be organized in the following chronological order:

IDA 1: D-1 15:00 for all hours of delivery day D

IDA 2: D-1 22:00 for all hours of delivery day D

IDA 3: D 10:00 for hours 13-24 of delivery day D

Parties of the implicit intraday auctions project are currently analyzing possible technical solutions. Completion of the implementation and the launch of IDA Auctions is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022, however, the detailed timetable will only be specified after the technical analysis is finalized.

You can find the approved methodology for pricing intraday cross-zonal capacity on ACER’s website here.