POZE Mobile App License Agreement and Privacy

This license agreement governs the relationship between a natural or legal person (user); and
by OTE, a.s. (hereinafter referred to as OTE) relating to the OTE software mobile application (hereinafter referred to as
SOFTWARE PRODUCT). By installing, copying or otherwise using a SOFTWARE PRODUCT
you confirm that you agree to and are bound by the terms of this license agreement. In reverse
if you are not authorized to use this SOFTWARE PRODUCT.
SOFTWARE PRODUCT is protected by copyright and international copyright agreements
rights, as well as other intellectual property laws and agreements. SOFTWARE PRODUCT with
does not sell, only licenses are granted to use it.

On the basis of this license agreement, you are granted the following rights:
(a) Right of installation and use. You have the right to install and use copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT as
for personal use, as well as for use in the commercial sphere, in education and in government
b) In no way do you have the right to sell or otherwise distribute a SOFTWARE PRODUCT for profit without
OTE consent

(a) Reverse analysis, decompilation or conversion from a SOFTWARE PRODUCT machine code are not
permitted except and only to the extent of the activity, which is expressly permitted by the relevant law, which
takes precedence over this restriction.
(b) The licence for the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is issued for the product as a whole. Its components cannot be
separate for use on more than one computer. Files and components that are included
the program cannot be used in other programs without OTE's permission.
(c) You have the right to permanently transfer all your rights to use the software if the acquirer agrees to
the terms of this licence agreement, with the exception of the right to transfer the exploitation rights of the acquirer to
another subject.

OTE does not explicitly provide any warranty for the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. SOFTWARE PRODUCT and
provides all accompanying documentation as it stands and lies, without any guarantee, whether explicitly
stated or tacitly assumed. Any risks associated with the use of this SOFTWARE
THE PRODUCT is carried by the USER. OTE is in no way liable for damages, interruptions
business, loss of data or information of any kind, business or otherwise, claims or costs, or
consequential, indirect, accidental damage or for loss of profit or loss of savings resulting from and/or
related to the use of a SOFTWARE PRODUCT or for damage caused by possible errors
in the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, even if OTE was on the possibility of such loss, damage, claims
or costs advised, and not for any claims from third parties.
The SOFTWARE PRODUCT contains important trade secrets and confidential information belonging to OTE; and
to third parties. USER commits to take every conceivable step to avoid detection
these trade secrets and confidential information and to ensure their confidentiality. If you're a USER
will be aware of any breach of business secrets and confidential information, undertakes to do so without
delay in notifying OTE.

The mobile app does not store or deal in any way with a user's sensitive personal data. The only exception
is the possible deposit of a signature certificate for operations requiring an electronic signature (see. Law on
trust services for electronic transactions No. 297/2016 Coll.). All data saved
in a mobile device, they are secured against unauthorised use by means of modern cryptography.
Using a camera within a mobile app is strictly for sensing QR-codes