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User accounts and imbalance transfer management

1. User accounts management

The user account management feature allows authorized individuals to

  • Create a new user account
  • Upload/delete certificates
  • Edit the user's contact information
  • Edit user's access rights
  • Cancel a user account
  • View users' reports


Administrator rights application (Authorized person)

Administrator rights for user accounts management will be sent to users which send us the authorization form signed by the head of the organizational unit (as in the agreement) or a Statutory Representative.

In case of a change in the list of authorized users, it is necessary to send a revised authorization form to our address.

Please post the original form to OTE, a.s. headquarters.

Administration rights setup/cancellation request.pdf - Editable PDF file. First, save it to the disk and then open this file with the Adobe Acrobat DC application.


User account management manual

User account management manual.docx


2. Imbalance transfer management

  • Whole imbalance of a Balance Responsible Party (“BRP”) management for both commodities electricity and gas
  • Imbalance responsibility transfer of a non-BRP trader for
    • realization diagrams
    • balancing energy market


* Attention, do not mistake the whole imbalance transfer for the points of delivery, which you do in CDS by assigning a BRP to a particular point of delivery.

User rights settings for transfer of imbalance responsibility

The authorized person of an OTE’s contractual partner will set rights to a user called “Handover deviation responsibility registration” according to the bellow mentioned manual.

Imbalance transfer management manual.doc