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Supplier Changes

Month Total Metering type
January 35 679 520 1 324 34 834
February 14 597 8 0 9 14 580
Year sum 50 276 528 1 333 49 414

The table shows the number of Points of Delivery/Transfer (PoD), where there was a change of supplier:
  • Total number of PoD where there was finished a process of chase of supplier in given month,
  • Breakdown of PoD according to type of metering
    A = automated continual metering with remote reading,
    B = automated continual metering with monthly reading,
    Cm = non-interval metering with monthly reading,
    C = non-interval metering with other than monthly reading,
    Recalculation = PoD dealing with loses in the network or unmetered self-consumption.

The file below shows the number of PDT where there was a change of supplier:

  • Breakdown of PDT according to customer category
    VO = Large customer,
    SO = Medium-sized customer,
    MO = Small customer,
    DOM = Household