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Supplier Changes

Month Total Metering type
January 39 073 902 17 772 37 382
February 8 311 7 2 26 8 276
Year sum 47 384 909 19 798 45 658

The table shows the number of Points of Delivery/Transfer (PoD), where there was a change of supplier:
  • Total number of PoD where there was finished a process of chase of supplier in given month,
  • Breakdown of PoD according to type of metering
    A = automated continual metering with remote reading,
    B = automated continual metering with monthly reading,
    Cm = non-interval metering with monthly reading,
    C = non-interval metering with other than monthly reading,
    Recalculation = PoD dealing with loses in the network or unmetered self-consumption.

The file below shows the number of PDT where there was a change of supplier:

  • Breakdown of PDT according to customer category
    VO = Large customer,
    SO = Medium-sized customer,
    MO = Small customer,
    DOM = Household
Note: If the original and the new supplier are identical when switching, this is not counted as a change of supplier in this table. The only exception are cases when the point of delivery has shifted from the "supplier of last resort" mode to the "standard supply“ mode, whereas the gas supply in both modes is provided by the same gas supplier.
Changes of balance responsible party at points of delivery or prolongation of the supply of energy by the original supplier, is not counted in the table.