Annual Reports

The year reports contain OTE´s activity description in each year of its existence and trading results in the electricity market organized by OTE. The technical reports are available both in the Czech and English languages. For other information don't hesitate to contact us.


Annual report Year market report Expected balance report
VZ OTE 2022 web_rastrováno-1.pngAnnual report 2022 RZ OTE 2022 web_rastrováno-1.pngYear report 2022 Zpráva o očekávané rovnováze 2021Expected balance report 2022
Výroční zpráva 2020.jpgAnnual report 2021 Roční zpráva 2021.PNG    Year report 2021 Expected balance report 2021Zpráva o očekávané rovnováze 2021
Výroční zpráva 2020.pngAnnual report 2020
Roční zpráva o trhuYear report 2020
zoor_2019.pngExpected balance report 2020
Annual report 2019annual_report_2019.png


Year report 2019Rocni_zprava_2019.png


Expected balance report 2019Expected balance report 2019



Product Sheet.pdf

Provision of information.pdf