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15.06.2021 20:00:00

Interim Coupling project: Go-live confirmed for 17 June 2021 A further step towards an integrated European electricity market


A further step towards an integrated European electricity market.


Following the successful completion of technical readiness, the go-live of the Interim Coupling project is confirmed for 17 June 2021 (first delivery day 18 June 2021).
The Interim Coupling project aims to connect the 4M MC (Czech-Slovak-Hungarian-Romanian market coupling) with the Multi-Regional Coupling (MRC) by introducing Net Transmission Capacity (NTC) based implicit capacity allocation on six new borders: PL-DE, PL-CZ, PL-SK, CZ-DE, CZ-AT, HU-AT. The project represents an important step towards the extension of the European Single Day-Ahead Coupling foreseen by Regulation 2015/1222 (guideline on Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management/CACM).

About SDAC
SDAC allocates scarce cross-border transmission capacity in the most efficient way by coupling wholesale electricity markets from different regions through a common algorithm, simultaneously taking into account cross-border transmission constraints, thereby maximising social welfare.
The aim of SDAC is to create a single pan European cross zonal day-ahead electricity market. An integrated day-ahead market increases the overall efficiency of trading by promoting effective competition, increasing liquidity and enabling more efficient utilisation of generation resources across Europe.
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