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Celebrating 20 years since the establishment of OTE, your reliable partner in the world of energy markets

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Celebrating 20 years since the establishment of OTE, your reliable partner in the world of energy markets

OTE, a.s. (formerly known as Operátor trhu s elektřinou, a.s.) was established on June 2nd 2001 and has played an important role in the Czech energy sector ever since. Throughout its operation, the company has developed and carried out activities that contribute to the cultivation of both domestic and foreign electricity and gas markets and has provided reliable and quality services to all market participants in accordance with all legal requirements.

Since its establishment, OTE has organized the Czech short-term electricity market and has played a key role in the financial settlement of imbalances, i.e. the difference between the agreed and the actually received/produced electricity volumes. Since 2005, the company has also carried out activities related to emissions trading, such as administering the National Register of Greenhouse Gas Emissions that provides records of allocated and surrendered allowances based on the national allocation plan and registers all transactions.

In 2015, OTE was appointed as a nominated electricity market operator, an entity designated to couple the Czech electricity market with other European markets; this was again confirmed in 2019. The activities of OTE within the numerous international integration projects have led to the development of cross-border trade and international cooperation in the energy sector – this can be illustrated for example by the long-term efforts to couple the Czech day-ahead and intraday electricity markets with the rest of Europe, as part of the work towards a single European electricity market.

All of the above-mentioned activities are carried out by an experienced team of experts who cooperate in order to deliver services to our market participants in a transparent and timely manner. About one-third of annual electricity consumption and one-quarter of annual gas consumption in the Czech Republic is currently traded on the OTE IT platform every year. The IT infrastructure is continuously developed in order to secure safe and transparent handling of the steady increase of executed trades and data flows, such as primary data validation, aggregation and providing access to data for relevant recipients. With its expertise, OTE contributes to the development of electricity and gas markets both at home and abroad.

OTE has a number of ambitious goals for the future. We want to further expand our services based on market participants’ suggestions and needs and implement new requirements of Czech and international energy projects, following both domestic and European legislation and ensuring cybersecurity, availability and integrity of the managed data. Among the key projects for OTE in this regard are the implementation of the 15-minute imbalance settlement period, the deployment of smart metering (AMM), supporting solidarity in gas supply security, issuance of guarantees of origin and many other equally important energy projects.


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