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28.11.2019 10:08:43

European Single Intraday Coupling (SIDC) Parties confirm successful 2nd wave go-live. Significant increases in traded volumes reported across the 7 countries which joined the SIDC coupling last week. Pan-European trading now in place across 21 countries coupled through SIDC. System performing well.

Nominated Electricity Market Operators (NEMOs) and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) confirm the successful go-live of the second launch of SIDC (formerly known as XBID). In the first two hours after cross-border trading opened on 19th November, OTE, the Czech NEMO, reported that more than 1 000 trades were completed for delivery on 20th November. The Croatian NEMO, CROPEX, recorded trades with market participants in 16 different countries including Norway and Spain. HUPX, the Hungarian NEMO, reported an increase in traded volumes of nearly 14 times in the five days following go-live, compared to the five prior to the launch. In Bulgaria, IBEX states that the average number of trades has doubled since the go-live and OPCOM, the Romanian NEMO, also reports a near doubling of both traded volumes and number of trades. In Slovenia, BSP Southpool has stated that for the period after go-live, compared to the equivalent period in 2018, it has seen an eight-fold increase in traded volume (11 672 MWh compared to 1 425 MWh). Meanwhile in Poland, TGE has achieved a daily average of over 2 000 MWh since go-live, which is a more than nine-fold increase when compared to the 2018 intraday daily average of 212 MWh. More information can be found in the attached press release.