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17.06.2021 13:30:00

The European Day-Ahead Market Successfully Coupled


Today, ČEPS and OTE (in cooperation with other European nominated electricity market operators
and transmission system operators of the Interim Coupling project) successfully implemented
implicit cross-border transmission capacity allocation on the German, Austrian and Polish border.
Selling/buying electricity and securing the necessary cross-border transmission capacity will now
be done in a single process, which will make international electricity trading more effective and
will increase the liquidity of European day-ahead markets.

Until June this year, European day-ahead markets were operated as two separate coupled market areas
(MRC and 4M MC). In order to make a cross-border trade, one had to secure cross-border transmission
capacity and the electricity itself in two different places (so-called explicit auction). By implementing the
Interim Coupling project, explicit auctions were replaced by implicit allocation at six new borders (PLDE,
PL-CZ, PL-SK, CZ-DE, CZ-AT, HU-AT). Selling/buying electricity and securing the necessary crossborder
transmission capacity will now be done in a single process for all bidding zones of the project and
their respective borders. This marks a major milestone in the day-ahead market coupling, as bidding
zones of almost all EU Member States (including Norway) are now coupled.

For more information, see the attached press release HERE and the project press release HERE.