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Information to switch to 15 min. interval

In connection with the upcoming introduction of a 15-minute billing period in the Czech Republic, to 1. 7. 2024 we would like to inform you that on 18.6.2020 there was an informative webinar where we presented outputs from analyses of anticipated adjustments of external interfaces in connection with the transition to 15min clearing and trading interval in the Czech Republic from the perspective of the market operator.


Supporting documents in connection with the transition to a 15-minute settlement period

A document containing changes to the CDSDATA communication format interface and message formats for markets and clearing for a 15-minute settlement period. The document also includes responses to questions raised on the webinar and held on 18.6.2020 or sent to

CDSDATA communication format and Markets and Clearing for the 15-minute settlement period


The last update was made on 12 June 2023

Presentation from the webinar held on 21 June 2023 (Czech only)

Note: Please follow the document file located above for the latest information.