Parameters of short-term markets

  intraday gas market unused flexibility market
type of market continuous matching auction principle
traded period 1 day 1 day
minimum volume 0.1 MWh 0.001 MWh
maximum volume 99,999.0 MWh not defined
quantity tick 0.1 MWh 0.001 MWh
trading currency EUR CZK
delivery point VTP CZ VTP CZ
minimum price EUR 0.01/MWh CZK 0.01/MWh
maximum price EUR 4,000/MWh CZK 99,999/MWh
price tick EUR 0.01/MWh CZK 0.01/MWh
zero price option NO NO
market opens at 9:00 D-1 13:00 D+1
market closes at 5:00 D+1 13:45 D+1

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