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02.09.2014 18:12:34

Developments of the 4M Market Coupling Project

The day-ahead price coupling project, 4M Market Coupling (4M MC), successfully continues in its intensive development. Finalization of the implementation phase and results of the first internal tests of all IT systems have recently allowed the start of common PX-TSO testing. Thus, the project partners of the 4M MC are pleased to confirm their commitment to go live the project on 11 November 2014.

In line with the Project planning, coordinated national workshops are scheduled so that market players will be prepared for the launch of the 4M MC.

At the workshops, the 4M MC project parties will communicate organisation of the integrated markets together with all necessary information for trading (e.g. daily routines and processes, expected changes in market rules, description of decoupling, fall-back procedures) and related changes in the individual markets. Detailed information on upcoming member tests planned for the middle of October 2014 will be communicated sufficiently in advance to market participants by respective parties on the local level. These tests will mainly help market participants to better understand all processes in 4M MC before 4M MC launch as well as prove 4M MC procedures and changes of interface and functions towards the users.

The workshops are taking place in Budapest on 16 September 2014, in Bratislava on 24 September 2014, in Prague and in Bucharest on 25 September 2014. Market participants will receive an invitation in the beginning of September.

Successful Market Coupling is subject to finalisation of testing and contractual arrangements as well as final regulatory approval.

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