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21.12.2022 17:04:50

Electricity: Energy For Future, a.s., has announced the loss of its possibility to supply electricity

In accordance with Decree No. 408/2015 Coll., on the Electricity Market Rules, the market operator announces, that it suspends the activity of Energy For Future, a.s., EAN 8591824210536, in its system due to the loss of the possibility to supply electricity and inability to meet the financial conditions for imbalances settlement, based on the notification of this company received by the market operator on 21 December 2022 at 4:30 PM.

In accordance with Decree No 408/2015 Coll., on the Electricity Market Rules, market participants may submit an application for an accelerated change of supplier pursuant to Section 59 of the Decree through the market operator's information system by 12:00 PM on December 21, 2022. In the event that the customers do not make an accelerated change of supplier, OTE will inform the suppliers of last resort about customers to whom the supply shall be initiated by that suppliers.

The supplier of last resort (SoLR) is a tool that protects consumers in the event of bankruptcy of any energy supplier. It kicks in immediately and people can take energy from it for a period specified by law (1 month/3 months). At any time during this period, they can choose a new regular supplier and switch to it without any restrictions. Even if they had a fixed-term contract with their original supplier, this is no longer valid under the SoLR.

The market operator acts in accordance with the applicable regulations and with the aim of minimising negative impacts on the electricity market.