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17.09.2019 11:41:00

Gas: Balance responsible party Stabil Energy s.r.o. (27X-STABIL-EN--5) locked

In accordance with Section 7.6.1 of Business Terms of OTE, a.s., for the Gas Sector, OTE locked the balance responsible party Stabil Energy s.r.o., Company ID No. 24257664 (27X-STABIL-EN--5) on 17 September 2019 due to non-fulfillment of payment obligations to Market Operator (OTE). Locking the balance responsible party means that it will no longer be able to perform the activities of the balance responsible party on the gas market.

At the time of the lock, Stabil Energy s.r.o. was not recorded at any point of delivery as a gas supplier. Currently the short-term power markets have 119 members and the short-term gas market has 98 members.