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14.10.2021 14:45:00

Gas: Company A-PLUS Energie obchodní, a.s., lost possibility to supply

OTE, a.s., the Czech electricity and gas market operator, suspends from 22.10.2021, in accordance with Section 118(5) of the Public Notice No. 349/2015 Coll., on the Gas Market Rules, activities for company A-PLUS Energie obchodní, ID: 03695581, EIC: 27X-A-PLUS-EN--I, due to the lost possibility to supply.

In line with the Market Rules, a fast change of supplier will be possible from 19.10.2021 08:00 to 21.10.2021 08:00. Delivery of gas from the Supplier of Last Resort (or any other supplier following the fast change of supplier) will start from 22.10.2021 06:00. Delivery from the Supplier of Last Resort doesn’t apply to customers whose gas consumption during the last 12 months exceeded 630 MWh.


The Supplier of Last Resort (SLR) serves as a way to protect customers in case of any supplier’s failure to operate. An SLR steps in immediately after such an incident and customers can use the SLR as an interim supplier for a maximum of 6 months. During this time the customer should select a new proper supplier and switch to it without any restrictions. Even if a customer had a fixed-term contract with the original supplier, this will not be valid with the SLR.


The Market Operator is following the national legislation in force, with the aim to minimize the negative impact of such events on the gas market.