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22.06.2015 13:31:10

Information about implementation of REMIT Regulation

In relation to the reporting obligation of Market Participants, which shall apply from 7th October 2015 and requires reporting of transactions and orders placed and concluded at the organized market places, the Market Operator has started testing the transmission of trade data between CS OTE and information system of ACER Agency (ARIS), which represents the final phase of the registration process.

In August / September 2015 the registration of the Market Participants to the OTE reporting of standard contracts as well as conclusion of the contracts will be triggered. The amount of fees, which is now under discussion with the Energy Regulatory Office, will be published in July 2015. The drafts of amendments to the agreements will be published following the approval of the Business Terms of OTE, a.s. (for power and gas market) by the Energy Regulatory Office. For more information about the registration process, services offered by the Market Operator and the Draft of Business Terms, please refer to the attached presentation.

We believe that the implemented solution will meet the vision of the Market Participants to fulfil the reporting obligation and also with the related activities associated with archiving and monitoring of reported data.

The Market Operator points out the reporting obligations of Market Participants to report its bilateral contracts concluded outside the organized market places. This obligation shall apply from 7th April 2016. Based on the expressed interest of Market Participants, the Market Operator will consider the possibility of introducing this service for Market Participants. If you are interested in this service, or if you have any questions, please contact the Customer Services Department at

Complete information on this issue can also be downloaded here.