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14.10.2014 08:11:39

Information to the 4M Market Coupling Project go-live

Thanks to successful testing results and declared readiness of all project parties the Steering Committee of 4M MC confirmed that the project could go-live shortly after all tests are successfully performed. The Steering Committee also thanks market participants for taking part in the coordinated national workshops that took place in September in all four countries and giving valuable feedback to the project.

Due to public holidays in France limiting the resources of EPEX SPOT (the Service Provider of OKTE, HUPX and OPCOM) available to support go-live the Steering Committee decided that the target go-live date initially planned to 11 November 2014 must be postponed to 19 November 2014 in order to ensure a reliable start-up of the 4M MC.

As the project has gone successfully through intensive internal testing and no major issue has been encountered yet the market participants of OTE, OKTE, HUPX and OPCOM are invited to participate in the member test sessions. The sessions are taking place on each business day between 13 and 24 October and the market participant can test all new features of the single price market coupling of the Czech-Slovak-Hungarian and Romanian day-ahead electricity markets together with shadow auctions tests organized by respective transmission system operators.

Successful Market Coupling is subject to finalisation of testing and contractual arrangements as well as final regulatory approval.

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