03.06.2019 15:28:00

NEMO Committee announces launch of new website and launch of a joint public consultation on Algorithm Methodology

Today, the Committee of Nominated Electricity Market Operators (the NEMO Committee) announced the launch of a joint website aiming to present relevant information for all stakeholders, as well as provide updates on the work of the NEMO Committee. The new website is aiming to improve transparency to the market on the progress that the NEMOs achieve to build more efficient electricity markets. More information available in the Press Release.

Today, all NEMOs and all TSOs also launched a joint public consultation, pursuant to Article 12 of Commission Regulation (EU) 1222/2015, on Algorithm Methodology review, including algorithm change control and algorithm monitoring, plus Single Intraday Coupling requirements annex amendment for supporting Intraday Auctions, plus Single Intraday Coupling product methodology. The consultation will be open until 2nd July and it is accessible from both the NEMO Committee (www.nemo-committee.eu) and ENTSO-E websites (www.entsoe.eu).