03.06.2024 16:30:00

Testing from June 3, 2024 in Connection with the Transition to New CS OTE Interface and 15-min. Settlement Period

The market operator informs market participants that from June 3, 2024, according to the planned testing schedule, testing of the following areas/modules of OTE begins: 

OTE Public Website 

- Testing of changes on the OTE public website takes place on the https://www.isotetest.ote-cr.cz/en  

- From June 3, 2024 it is possible to test web services and data for IDA in 60 minutes are also available on the test public website (it is important to note that data for IDA are only available for sessions that ended up in successful matching in the test environment Sandbox 15-min., i.e. in the case of Matching curves IDA, data are available e.g. for 9. April 2024 IDA1, 10. April 2024 IDA1, 12. April 2024 IDA2, 17. April 2024 IDA1 and IDA2, 18. April 2024 IDA1, 19. April 2024 IDA2) 

- Additional changes on the public website related to the transition to the 15-minute. interval (e.g. imbalances settlement) will be gradually added to the testing on the public website during the week starting from June 3, 2024, with the changes related to the transition to a 15-minute. interval within market platforms (IM 60/15-min. and IDA 15-min.) being deployed on the public website testing environment in the week starting from June 10, 2024. 

Financial (Risk) Management  

- Financial Security can already be tested in the Sandbox 15-min. test environment (https://portal.isotetest.ote-cr.cz/). 

- Financial Reports and the Intraday Electricity Market Limit Setting Form will be available for testing in the week starting from June 10, 2024. 

CDS Gas 

- From June 3, 2024, it will be possible to test reports in the CDS/Data PDT section in the Sanbox 15-min. testing environment (https://portal.isotetest.ote-cr.cz/) within CDS Gas (changes within CDS Gas deployed in June 2024 will only apply to the CDS/PDT data section) 

Furthermore, the market operator informs market participants that changes that will occur in the production environment of CS OTE from June 13, 2024, have been uploaded to the Sandbox test environment (the original test environment https://portal.sand.ote-cr.cz/). The Sandbox test environment therefore reflects the situation that will occur from June 13, 2024, in the production environment already now (i.e. it is possible to submit RRD and orders for IDA in 60 minutes (without being matched)).