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15.06.2022 16:30:00

Information on discontinuing support for Internet Explorer 11

We would like to inform the users of the OTE system that the support of the Internet Explorer 11 internet browser has been permanently terminated as of today. In case you have been using this internet browser, we recommend you to use the alternative browser Microsoft Edge from Microsoft, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

To set up access to the OTE system, you need to install the OTE PKI component. Once paired, the component will provide you with all the certificates on your device/PC and allow seamless access to the OTE system.

Another option for accessing the CS OTE system can be set up using the "Local Certificate Store".
The local certificate store is intended for users who have a certificate installed on their device/PC and it is exportable (i.e. they have a backup of the certificate in .pfx or .p12 format).
It can be set up in any web browser and works by matching the private part of the certificate (backup) to the local storage. It is also designed for setting up/pairing the POZE or VDT Electricity/Gas mobile application.


The access settings page is available HERE.