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22.11.2021 09:30:00

OTE’s electricity consumption covered by green electricity

A responsible approach to the environment, climate protection and sustainable development are key strategic goals of the market operator. One way to achieve this is to support the production of electricity from renewable sources by purchasing green electricity.

OTE is a company that takes a long-term and proactive approach to climate protection. It respects and recognizes the ethical and sustainable way of doing business and through its socially responsible activities strives to contribute to the improvement of the environment. The market operator, therefore, decided to cover its consumption by electricity produced exclusively from renewable energy sources in 2021, certified by Guarantees of Origin.

"By purchasing green electricity, OTE is fulfilling its strategy of responsible behaviour towards society and the environment. We support more environmentally friendly methods of electricity production which contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.", says the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OTE, Ing. Michal Puchel.

Green electricity is produced exclusively from renewable energy sources, such as wind, hydro or photovoltaic power plants, and its origin is certified by Guarantees of Origin, which guarantee to OTE the origin of the electricity consumed.


Press release available HERE.