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23.01.2023 09:30:00

The market operator continues to purchase electricity from renewable sources in 2023

Consuming electricity produced from renewable sources is essential for the activities of the market operator. As a socially responsible company, OTE supports climate protection and the fulfillment of environmental goals in the long term with its approach to the environment and activities related to the reduction of carbon dioxide production and sustainable development. Supporting the production of electricity from renewable energy sources through its certified consumption is one of the means to achieve these goals

Even in 2023, OTE continues to fulfill its strategy of responsible behavior towards society and the environment and once again covers its own consumption with electricity from renewable sources. OTE received a Cancellation Statement from its electricity supplier, by which it is confirmed that the electricity supplied to the company's headquarters and data center locations is exclusively produced from renewable sources.

"I am glad that this year the market operator continues with activities leading to climate protection. We support more environmentally friendly options of electricity production, which contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The purchase of green electricity is one of the key goals of our company," says the chairman of the board of OTE Michal Puchel.

Download the press release in PDF format here.