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04.01.2019 16:05:00

The Volume of Electricity traded on OTE’s Day-Ahead Market is growing continually

The day-ahead market organized by the market operator reached a record in the year 2018, as the total amount of electricity traded was 22.89 TWh. The year-on-year increase was 5,2 % compared to the year 2017. Most of the months of 2018 saw an increase compared to the same months of 2017. The average baseload price on the day-ahead market was 46.02 EUR/MWh in 2018. In comparison with 2017, the year-on-year increase is 26 %. The new record confirms the positive trend in traded volume of electricity on the day-ahead market.

Trading on the intraday market is also showing an increase – 550.17 GWh were traded in the year 2018, which represents 1 % increase in comparison with the year 2017, when 544.84 GWh were traded.

On the block market, 16.60 GWh of electricity were traded in 2018.

A total volume of 23.46 TWh was traded on OTE’s short-term electricity markets. This represents an increase of 5,1 % compared to the year 2017, when 22.33 TWh were traded.

On the intraday gas market, 3 059 GWh of gas were traded in 2018. It is 18,4 % less compared to the year 2017, when the total volume of 3 747 GWh was traded. Nevertheless, it is the second highest amount traded since 2010, when trading on this platform started.

The market operator further organizes a balancing market with regulating energy and a market with flexibility. Currently, 119 market participants have access to the short-term electricity markets and 98 market participants to the short-term gas market.

The major technological innovation was carried out in the trading system for the intraday gas market in September 2018.

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