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06.01.2020 13:52:48

The volumes traded on OTE's short-term electricity and gas markets are constantly growing

In 2019, the volume of electricity traded on OTE’s Day-Ahead Electricity Market reached the new annual maximum of 23.79 TWh, Intra-day Electricity Market volume exceeded 1 TWh and also reached a new annual maximum of 1.11 TWh. And the volume of gas traded on OTE’s Intraday Gas Market exceeded 3 TWh and reached the new annual maximum of 4.67 TWh.

Organized short-term electricity market:

The Day-Ahead Electricity Market continued to grow in 2019, when 23.79 TWh of electricity was traded. This represents a year-on-year increase of 3.9% compared to 2018, when 22.89 TWh was traded and this amount of electricity traded on this market was exceeded on 16 December 2019. In 2019, the average price of trades on the Day-Ahead Electricity Market (Baseload 2019) was EUR 40.21/MWh. Compared to 2018, this is a year-on-year decline in prices of 13%. The increase in the volume of traded electricity confirms the growing trend in trading on the Day-Ahead Electricity Market in recent years.

In 2019, 1.11 TWh was traded on the Intra-day Electricity Market, representing a year-on-year increase of 102% compared to 2018, when 0.55 TWh was traded. The volume of trading on the Intra-day Electricity Market is more than double that of the last year, as a result of joining the international cross-border intra-day electricity market (SIDC, former XBID project). Within 42 days of its launch on 19 November, 564.66 GWh was traded, that is exceeding the traded quantity for the whole of 2018. An average daily volume in this period was 13.44 GWh.

On the Block market was traded 5.41 GWh of electricity in 2019.

A total volume of 24,91 TWh was traded on OTE’s short-term electricity markets and this is more than a third of domestic electricity consumption. This represents an increase of 6,2 % compared to the year 2018, when there was traded 23.46 TWh.

Access to short-term electricity markets had 121 market participants as of 31 December 2019.

Organized short-term gas market:

The highest annual volume of gas (4.67 TWh) was reached on the Intraday Gas Market in 2019. It represents year-on-year increase of 52,7 % compared to the year 2018, when the total volume of 3,06 TWh was traded. It is also.
In addition to the Intraday Gas Market, OTE also organizes a Market with Flexibility. Access to short-term gas markets had 98 market participants as of 31 December 2019.

We value the confidence of market participants in our trading platforms, without which such significant increases in the amount of traded electricity and gas on the OTE's organized short-term markets would not occur. The continuing international integration of the Day-Ahead Electricity Market and, in particular, the completion of the Intra-day Electricity Market integration in November 2019, are also a major contributor to the growth in traded volumes of electricity.

We also pay close attention to the development of trading platforms. The most visible technological innovation in 2019 was the launch of the mobile app for Intraday Gas Market available for both Android and iOS devices.

In 2020, we plan to expand this mobile application for trading on the Intra-day Electricity Market and continue to further integration of already interconnected 4M MC (CZ-SK-HU-RO) Day-Ahead Electricity Market with the MRC region.

We believe that not only through these steps, but also within the overall activities of OTE, we will continue to contribute to the further development of international cooperation and energy trading in the Czech Republic.

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