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16.11.2021 17:45:00

Trading on short-term electricity markets hits new historical highs

Trading on short-term markets organized by OTE, a.s., (hereinafter OTE) has reached new historical highs. Both monthly and daily traded volumes on the day-ahead electricity market platform have been at record levels and a new annual maximum was also reached on the intraday electricity market platform in mid-November, with 4 GWh of electricity traded in the period from 1 January 2021 to 14 November 2021, thus exceeding the total traded volumes of 2020 (4,439 GWh).

The trading volumes on the intraday electricity market in 2021 confirmed OTE's expectations, resulting from the record results registered since the integration of the European cross-zonal intraday electricity market in November 2019.

During the above-mentioned period, 4,446 GWh of electricity was traded, compared to 4,439 GWh of electricity traded in 2020. This is approximately 8 times the annual averages from the years 2015–2018 (approximately 550 GWh). The weighted average price in 2021 reached the value of 84.08 EUR/MWh.

The increase in trading on OTE's intraday market can be attributed both to the growing interest in short-term trading due to the recent development of the energy market and to high-quality services provided by OTE, such as a secure and user-friendly CS OTE system.

The record volumes of traded electricity show that OTE's objectives for the development of international cooperation and integration of the intraday electricity market, framed by the European Intraday Electricity Interconnection (SIDC), are being met. Integration of the day-ahead and intraday electricity markets contributes to the development of business opportunities and ensures the stability of supply and energy security in the Czech Republic.

Record volumes have also appeared on the day-ahead market, where the current monthly maximum of 2,472.4 GWh was traded in October 2021 (the previous maximum was 2,348.4 GWh in January 2019).

Another record was also set in November, when the daily limit of 100 GWh within the OTE DAM was exceeded on November 16, 2021, reaching 100.5 GWh. This also shows a growing interest in trading on OTE platforms, a trend that cannot be connected only with the significant fluctuations in short-term electricity prices.

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