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Parameters of short-term markets

As of 15 November 2019, the minimum volume on IM is decreased to 0.1 MWh

  block market day-ahead market intraday market balancing market
type of market continuous matching daily auction continuous matching continuous matching
traded period 12/24 h 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour
minimum volume 1 MW x 12/24 h 0.1 MWh 0,1 MWh 1 MWh
maximum volume 50 MW x 12/24 h 99,999 MWh 99,999 MWh 99,999 MWh
quantity tick 1 MW x 12/24 h 0.1 MWh 0.1 MWh 0.1 MWh
trading currency CZK EUR EUR CZK
minimum price CZK 1/MWh EUR -500/MWh EUR -3,500/MWh CZK -99,999/MWh
maximum price CZK 9,999/MWh EUR 3,000/MWh EUR 3,500/MWh CZK 99,999/MWh
price tick CZK 1/MWh EUR 0,01/MWh EUR 0,01/MWh CZK 1/MWh
zero price option NO YES YES NO
market opens at 9:30 D-5 unlimited 15:00 D-1 H-1:00
market closes at 13:30 D-1 11:00 D-1 H-1:00 H-0:30

Threshold values of market clearing prices for the second auction in the CZ market:

  • upper threshold value: EUR +500/MWh
  • lower threshold value: EUR -150/MWh

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